In an effort to promote full transparency regarding the Mudcats downtown stadium project, the Wilson Tobs applaud the City of Wilson for rescheduling the public session and the City Council meeting regarding the project. The session has been rescheduled for Tuesday December 12th at 4:30 PM (316 Douglas Street), and will be an open house to answer questions and provide details on the Mudcats stadium. The City Council Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday December 14th at 7:00 PM (Wilson City Hall). 


As many Wilson Tobs Fans know, this project & the City of Wilson recruitment effort of the Mudcats has put the future of the Wilson Tobs in question. The Tobs are asking our loyal fanbase to join us at the public session on the 12th and the Wilson City Council meeting on the 14th.


The following are questions & areas of discussion that, from the perspective of Wilson’s team since 1908, should be brought to the table:

  1. With the Wilson Tobs track record & formula for success, as both a baseball entity and sporting event facilitator, why are the Tobs not being considered as the new stadium’s primary tenant?
  2. Why would the City of Wilson want to invest in a neighboring product, which has underperformed less than 25 miles away, to anchor its downtown revitalization effort?
  3. Because a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been in place for over 15 months with no communication between city management/elected officials and the Wilson Tobs, what ‘fan’ data did the City of Wilson use to support their feasibility study & economic impact analysis to justify building a 75+ million dollar stadium for a team who Wilson residents have consistently ignored?
  4. What additional community sports programing will the Mudcats facilitate and bring to Wilson? There have no track record of event coordination in Zebulon?
  5. How will the city pay the stadium note during construction and during the first few years of operation when development efforts have not produced additional property tax revenue?
  6. Why is the city getting involved in restrain of trade and choosing one sports business over another?


In short, the Wilson Tobs want to be the Hometown Team and anchor the revitalization of downtown at Wilson’s new stadium. We relish the opportunity to grow our wide range of sporting events in a ‘right-sized’ ballpark that compliments Wilson’s emerging market and stages it for success.


Public Session: December 12th at 4:30 PM (316 Douglas St)

City Council Meeting: December 14th at 7:00 PM (Wilson City Hall)